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Mannine Designs possesses a form rich in aesthetic interest, and displays the very paradigm of functional design and development approach.

About Mannine Designs

Mannine Designs is a creative marketing and development firm owned by Alex Mannine. A few key design elements held in high regards by Mannine Designs are information architecture, and data flow. Mannine Designs believes that a user should never be confused by information presented in any interactive space. They strive to create designs that will allow the information presented to exist in a fluid state, this is so the user does not struggle to find what they are seeking. Sensible design paired with user interaction, is what Mannine Designs believes will keep interactive media on the forefront of entertainment and educational innovation.

About the Designer
Alex Mannine is a field experienced designer and developer, certified with a B.A. in Web Design & Interactive Media. He graduated in the top tier of his class with a 3.9 GPA, and was exclusively (among ten others) invited to join the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society. His dedication to his duty as a creative mind allows him to flourish among all networks of people, specifically including co-workers and clients. In past years, Mannine was also a professional gamer, who had been sponsored by companies such as NVIDIA, and Intel. This just goes to show his seriousness, competitiveness, and leadership capability, even when approaching endeavors that may seem remedial, such as video games. Ever since his early known love for games, Mannine has developed a strong understanding for user experience, and user interaction design.

Over the past seven years, Mannine has worked as a contract and salary web designer utilizing multiple web technologies such as, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Actionscript, and PHP. He is also very fond of, and affluent in Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and much more (please see his resume for more details).  In recent years, Mannine has worked as a front-end engineer and email marketer for a flagship publishing company, where he designed and launched emails to over 400,000+ subscribers each day.

As his career makes preparations to take the jump to hyperspace, whether it’s Mannine’s motivation to exceed expectations and overall ambition that drives him to express his overflowing creativity, or the fact that he has now officially designed and minted a 1/10th ounce gold coin — we’ll never know. All we can say is, it seems the galaxy’s the limit. Although he does believe these fond space references have been brought forth due to the recent launch of SWTOR (Star Wars the Old Republic), where he leads his new valiant Republic team — named Inception — into battle each night against the Sith, and the rest of the Empire’s dark side warriors.

Engineering & Design Showroom

New Portfolio Display with Updated Work Coming Soon!

In the meantime, please view this Portfolio PDF, or view some of my live projects below:

*new* Independent Living Bullion E-Commerce

*new* Independent Living Shoppe

*new* Silver Coin Giveaway Leadgen Landing Page

*new* No Place Like Home Baking

*new* Tax Poll Leadgen Landing Page

*new* Model Everett Anderson

Inception Gaming

Windstruck Production

The Laughing Garden

T-Jones Music

Independent Living Bullion

American Lantern Press

Independent Living News

Here is a reel of my Photography work too.


Thank you!

Alex Mannine – UX Designer & Client Side Engineer

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